Board of Directors


  • President: Jim Erb
  • President-elect: Susan Judkins
  • Secretary: Cara Morgan
  • Tresurer: Bob Rice


Watershed Representatives

  • Jennifer Fencl – Indian Creek WMA
  • Susan Judkins (Darren Fife, alternate) – Walnut Creek WMA
  • Curt Kiessling (Ryan Peterson, alternate) – Catfish Creek WMA
  • Stephen Main (Jim Erb, alternate) – Upper Cedar River WMA
  • Cara Morgan (John Thomas, alternate) – East (and/or West) Nishnabotna Watershed Coalition
  • John Rathbun – Clear Creek Watershed Coalition
  • Bob Rice (Amanda Brown, alternate) – Mud Creek, Spring Creek, & Camp Creek WMA
  • Adam Rodenberg – Middle Cedar WMA
  • Don Shonka – Upper Wapsipinicon WMA



Formation Status

The ad hoc committee tasked with contacting the Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center to review bylaws and articles of incorporation will continue to move forward. The ad hoc committee members are Susan Judkins and Jim Erb.

Annual Statewide WMA Meeting

This meeting, tentatively scheduled for mid to late February, will act as a networking and professional development activity as it has in the past, as well as serve as the venue for the annual business meeting for WMAs of Iowa. A subcommittee was formed to assist DNR and other agencies in planning. The subcommittee members are: Bob Rice, Susan Judkins, Jim Erb, Jennifer Fencl, and Don Shonka.

WMA-to-WMA to Communications

A subcommittee was formed that will focus on internal and external communications, beginning with a website. The subcommittee members are Susan Judkins, John Rathbun, Stephen Main, and Ben Curtis, with assistance from Iowa Water Center staff member Hanna Bates.

Legislative/Education Priorities

The board of directors discussed the importance of being a resource to legislators as well as staying abreast of watershed-related bills, particularly as discussion of state funding for water quality increases. A subcommittee was identified to act as a clearinghouse for potential legislative activity. That subcommittee members are Jim Erb, Don Shonka, and Katie Rock. Cara Morgan is also assisting on matters limited to education.

Iowa Water Conference